Value Creation Through Revitalising Pre-Owned Properties

As cities develop, new skyscrapers cover the skyline in even more locations. With their large size and expensive prices, as well as high service charges to support often unused facilities, they offer minimal rental yield and limited capital appreciation for landlords. At the same time, well-built apartments in city centre locations are neglected and poorly maintained. We believe there is a better option – we buy up unloved properties in city centre locations in vibrant metropolitan areas and conduct a comprehensive revitalisation program to unlock rental and capital value. Founded in 2008, we have purchased, managed and sold over 1,300 properties across the United Kingdom.

Our Value Add

We undertake a comprehensive revitalisation program with every apartment that we purchase to improve the rental and capital value of the property, in the process reducing the environmental footprint of city centre living.

Key Performance Indicators


Discount to Comparable New Properties


Average Rent Uplift after Revitalisation


Units Purchased to Date

£270 million

Aggregate Investment Value

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